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A new picture (below) has emerged, c/o Rob Jarvis. As you can see it was taken at The Marquee Club in London and fetures Arthur on the left, me in the middle at the back and Nigel on the right.

Marquee with Arthur

Just in case you might be thinking that this is an unloved website, it isn't. Because the band has split up there won't be any new news. However, if anybody out there has any pictures of the band please send them to us. The contact details are on the Contact Us page. Thanks.

Just to prove that Chris still has that Magic follow these links to his YouTube videos

Chris's Blues YouTube video

Here's another

This link, Brentwood Festival, will take you to a website with information concerning the Brentwood Festival that Clemen Pull played at in 1977.

I just found this on the internet. I don't even remember supporting Ultravox.

Ultravox concert advertisement

Here is a photo of a couple of tickets for Clemen Pull playing at Upstairs at Ronnie Scots. They are available to buy from e-bay. I'm not selling them, someone else is.
tickets for clemenn pull at upstairs at ronnie scotts

08-02-2011 - News Flash
More photos have been published on the 1972 page. They are from gigs at The Greyhound, Fulham Palace Road and The Marquee Club

Does anybody remember Clemen Pull? This is the website of the band that came from the Kingston (Surrey) area. The band started in 1972 and carried on until November 1977. Some might say they were the best band not to have made the big time. Actually the band started in early 1972 and was initially formed by Chris, Nigel and Ray Moyser. Ray is Irish and they went on a tour to Ireland, except Ray stayed there, so they returned as a two piece. That's when the drummer, Mark Sims, joined and the rest as they say, is history.

A YouTube interview with Keith that was broadcast on Tel Aviv TV prior to a Paul McCartney show in Israel has been published. This is the link and it will fire up a new browser window or tab depending on your browser. Keith's interview. For those of you that don't know, Keith is now Sir Paul McCarntey's Technical Manager.

So delve into this website and you'll find pictures of Mark, Chris, Nigel, Keith, Nigel T(ea) Brown and Chris Ripple. There's music as well! However, you will need a good broadband link to be able to play the songs.

If you want to contact us, send an e-mail to info@clemenpull.com or clemenpull@gmail.com

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