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Clemen Pull

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Clemen Pull's Roadies

The photos below are of Clemen Pull's Roadies (they would now be called Technical Managers). Please excuse the quality of the photos, digital cameras didn't exist in those days.

Nigel (Tea) Brown Keith and Nigel Kitching

On the left, Nigel (Tea) Brown - Roadie (The drums were so new I didn't have cases at the time!!). The right hand photo is of Nigel Kitching on the left and Keith Smith on the right - doing what Roadies do best - ONE TWO, ONE TWO! The photo below is of Chris Ripple alias Super Roadie

Chris Ripple

Here is a link to an article that was written some 17 years ago when Keith joined his current employer:-

Keith's Article

As you can see the website has a Russian influence

The folowing link is to a YouTube video showing an interview with Keith that was broadcast on Tel Aviv TV prior to a Paul McCartney show in Israel. The link will fire up a new browser window or tab depending on your browser. Keith's interview. For those of you that don't know, Keith now works for Sir Paul McCartney and has done for nearly twenty years.

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