Enema is used for anal or rectum cleaning before anal sex or for medical purpose. Different types of enema and its uses.

What is enema?

What is enema?

An enema is a process in which people inject the fluid into the rectum. A fluid which is used to inject is usually a cleansing saline solution or a medicated fluid. People inject the fluid in such a manner that it introduced into the rectum and large intestine through the anus. People generally do this process before involving in the anal sex or anal masturbation. Once people inject the fluid then they should hold the fluid for some moments and then expel the fluids and other waste from the body. This fluid is also used for the medical purpose for those people who are suffering from constipation. It helps the people to push the waste out of the color.

Now a day, there are many people who use anal toys or anal masturbator toys during the anal sex or anal masturbation. So anal cleaning is very important for any people. To clean the anal couple can easily use anal douches. People fill the anal douches with an enema and used it to clean the anal.

There are two option online store and shop for any people to purchase the anal sex toys or anal douches or enema. It is very easy for any people to use the enema and douches before involving in the anal sex. Indian people also use the enema before involving in the Indian anal sex.

Different types of enema?

Different types of enema?

In the market, different types of enema are available. Couple uses the different types of enema for anal cleaning. Some of the most common and popular enemas are -

Cleansing Enema

People use the cleansing enema to cleans the bowels and digestive organs. Cleansing Enema is of three types - large volume cleansing enema, small volume cleansing enema. Large volume cleansing enema is used to cleanses the colon and large intestine whereas small volume cleansing enema is generally used by the younger or beginner people and an elderly couple who have more sensitive skin. The third type of cleansing enema is packaged pre-disposable enema. People use this type of enema at their home by them self. After using these enema couples easily used beginner anal sex toys or any other anal toy.

Mineral Oil Enema

People generally used the mineral oil enema to treat constipation. But some of the people also used it before involving in the anal sex so that they can easily clean their intestines and digestive organs. After using this enema person easily used anal sex or masturbator toys like an anal vibrator, male prostate toy or prostate massager etc. If the couple wants then they can also use the anal toys with a condom.

Uses of enema?

Uses of enema?

People use the enema for different purpose. Some people use the enema for medical treatment whereas some of the people used it as a cleaner to clean the anal before involving in the anal sex. Some of the most common uses of enema are -

Enema Relieves Constipation

Enema is the most common treatment of constipation. Once people inject the enema into the rectum then it mixes with the stool and makes the stool soften. After a few minutes immediately results in relief which makes elder people comfortable.

Enema Cleanses the Colon

Most of the people use the enema to clean the colon so that they can easily involve in the anal sex and used different types of anal sex toys like a butt plug, anal vibrator, anal dildo, massager, anal beads etc. The couple uses these toys easily and with confidence only if they clean their anal. While involving in the anal sex it is necessary for any people to use the anal lube.