How to have anal sex in a right way and some tips for beginners anal sex? How can you make anal sex safer?

How to have anal sex in right way?

We all know that anal sex is safer then vaginal sex. That is right but you also have to play in right way otherwise you are not successful to have anal sex pleasure. Anal sex is more enjoyable for many people whether they are straight, gay, and bisexual. It can feel strange when you start exploring the anal sex, so start slowly with touching and caressing.

If you don’t like it then talk with your partner on this matter. While many people enjoy anal sex on the other hand some people don’t want or prefer the anal sex. If you decide to have penetrative anal sex, use plenty of lubricant, it’s very important to use lubricant because lubricant is helps you to reduce the friction while you penetrate with your partner and with anal toy also. You can use some of the sex toys in your foreplay time and anal masturbation also like anal-beads, prostate toys, butt plug anal sex toys, anal dildo, anal-vibrators, strap-on, prostate-vibrator etc.

If you are ready then start communicates with your partner slowly. Then start by penetrating just little. When your partner is ready penetrate a bit further and then pull out again. Continue with this process until your fully in, but you have to be prepared for any time because its first time so your partner feels it so painful. It’s an anal sex myth that it is not painful. If you are ok with the pain then you can further do it.

Anal sex tips for beginners?

When you both start thinking about the anal sex for first time you can feel anxiety but it is pretty common thing all peoples are nervous at the first time. For get rid out of this problem you can take shower so you can freshly decide to face it. For anal cleaning you can use anal douches. Next thing you have to do the try some foreplay and rimming methods with your partner so that you can start the feel of arousing, if you are doing anal masturbation than you have to start with the solo play. If you are a beginner then you cannot use the big anal sex toys and vibrating anal toys.

Next thing you can take the water based lubricant and anal lubricant. You can start the massage of the anal with water based lubricant and it can be the best lubricant for beginners because it is less harmful. After that you can add different types of anal toys like anal vibrators and anal beads, anal vibrators are helpful to achieving orgasm quickly because it has strong vibrations. Accept that you can also use the butt plug and anal dildo they are safe and good options for beginner’s anal sex toys. If men want to anal masturbation then they can use the prostate massager, anal strap-on and other beginner’s anal sex toys. After that you can start your pleasurable rides with calmness. The most important thing if you don’t know that how to do anal sex then read the anal sex guide.

If you are using sex toys then you should know that which toy you have to buy and which are not. Also you have to choose right type of sex toy like if you are men then choose anal toys for male otherwise anal toys for female.

How can you make anal sex safer?

The very first risk in anal sex that anal is full of bacteria’s. Even if both partners do not have sexually transmitted disease, bacteria’s normally stay in the anus and they can potentially affect you. If you are trying vaginal sex and during the sex you switched in the anal sex then you can face many disease. If you want to reduce the risk of transmitted disease then you can use condom. If you do it in a right manner then you can get orgasm through anal sex.