What is anal sex and is anal sex really painful? Why should people have anal sex?

What is anal sex? Is anal sex painful?

Anal sex is basically anal stimulation weather you can use finger, penis, sex toy and tongue for anal stimulation. But most of the time people do anal sex with thrusting penis into anal and stimulates the anal with sex toys like anal dildo, double ended dildo, vibrating anal toys or anal vibrator, metal dildo sex toy, prostate toys or prostate vibrator, anal beads etc.

Anyone can enjoy the anal sex weather they are men, women, gay, bisexual or straight. Many of the gay menenjoy the penetrative anal sex.

Anal sex is a pleasurable part of some people sex life but at the same time some people thinks that anal sex is painful. Most of the people said that it is not painful if you do in a right way and right manner. Like we can say that if you are going to do the anal sex for the first time but you are in rush so it’s not happen then we say it will be painful probably. You can feel strange sometime but during anal sex but it cannot painful you just use the anal lubricant and makes your anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why you should have anal sex?

Why should you have anal sex this question have one wonderful answer that anal sex is so pleasurable. Some people are not tried anal sex because they are afraid of many things like anal sex is painful, or they are worried about the poop, infection, some people are don’t know how to do anal sex, sexual transmitted disease, and many other things. If you are worried about all these things then just follow the safer sex practice. You just have to take precaution and then you can get the awesome anal sex.

Anal sex is good in comparison of the vaginal sex because you don’t have to worry about the pregnancy. Anal sex is very pleasurable to many women because their body has a rich cluster of nerves surrounding the anus.

Anal sex, HIV and STI safety?

Whether you are men, women, gay, and straight it’s important to protect yourself with all the harmful things like sexual transmitted disease and HIV when you have anal sex. The layers of anal is thin so that it can be easily damaged, which makes more vulnerable to infection. This means that if you are the receptive partner you have a higher risk of sexual transmitted and HIV. While the risk is less for the partner who is on the top, HIV can still enter through the opening at the top of the penis (urethra), or through cuts, scratches and sores on the penis.

You have to take extra care for that it’s important to reduce the risk of catching a sexual transmitted infection and disease. For penetrative sex you have to use the condom, and for anal sex you can use extra thick condom so your anal is don’t face directly the germs and bacteria of infection. Next have to apply lots of lubricant. If you are using the sex toy like beginners anal sex toys, butt plug anal sex toys, strap-on, big anal sex toys, anal toys for female, anal toys for male etc.

for anal masturbation then you have to properly clean the sex toy with using sex anal toy cleaner and antiseptic liquid. It is also a good idea to put the condom on the sex toy and then use for anal masturbation. This is because the material of some sex toys may have harbour bacteria’s and infection even after cleaning. If you had unprotected anal sex then you can face much infection, sexual transmitted disease and the most dangerous thing HIV.