Does anal sex hurt or does anal sex cause of physical damage? Or anal sex is dirty or not?

Everyone wants to know that does anal sex hurts?

Honestly it does hurt, you have to do and prepared with all your possible like you have to apply lots of anal lubricant if you want more easilyanal insertion. Some people think that if they are in shower so they thinkwater is works like lubricant which is totally false. Use anal lubricant in anal penetration is very important and also necessary.

Yes we can say that its will definitely hurt at first time but it cannot be hurt all times. You can feel certain discomfort in first and second time but you cannot hurt further. Anal sex pain is also depends on the partner because if you have a partner who is very attentive and carefully listen about all your needs then probably you can’t feel anal intercourse painful. If you have very large penis then it may cause cramping. Another thing is you have to relax because when you are in stress then your anal muscles being very tight so be calm all things will be fine. If you practice of anal sex and do anal masturbation then probably it easier for you. You can use some sex toys for that such as- anal beads, prostate vibrator, butt plug anal sex toys, big anal sex toys, anal dildo, anal vibrator and other beginner’s anal sex toys.

Anal sex cause you physical damage?

We can’t say no about anal sex cause you physical damage because if you are do anal sex in wrong way then it would be cause damage. If you are do anal sex in right manner than you can get orgasm through anal sex. Think about that if your anal is dry or you can’tapply lots of lubricant and start penetration then you have to ready for face many of difficulties in insertion and it cause pain. The same thing is happen with vagina also but vagina does create its own lubrication and it’s also depends on the hormones and the anus does not created any types of lubrication. So if you want a healthy experience then you have to be very careful about the use of lubricant which is protects you from anal damage.

If anyone don’t know that how to do anal sex then read anal sex guide and manual. Next thing is some people want to switch from anal to vagina or they switched without using any type of protection and that cause of many infections. They can use the condom for protection it’s important because it protect you from the germs insertionfrom anus to vagina. You have to take multiple condoms with you in this case.

Anal sex is dirty?

This is probably one of those biggest misconceptions about anal sex. The anus and the lower part of the rectum actually have very fecal material in them which means it’s tend not to be very dirty as you think. But this doesn’t mean you should transfer the elements into the vagina by having anal sex and then vaginal sex.

Because these both things are relate and belongs to opposite sites or even microscopic fecal element can cause infections. For that you have to just use the antimicrobial soap and you have to also clean your anal with anal toy anal douches. If you want anal masturbation for further painless feeling so you can also do it with some sex toys because sex toys are providing you pleasurable feelings it may also decrease your pain somewhere. Vibrating anal toy have multiple vibration speed and that is one of those aspects who feel you more aroused and stimulating during the masturbation or sex. You can use the sex toys according to the gender like if you are men then you can use anal toys for male and anal toys for female or you can use other sex toys like strap-on and prostate toys.