How can man do the prostate masturbation with knowing all the precaution?

What are anal toys for male?

Anal toys are basically types of sex toys which are specially design for the anal and prostate stimulation. There are different types anal sex toys available in market and online stores so that people can choose the anal toys according to their stimulation, pleasure and the comfort zone. Some anal toys are also good for the beginner’s anal stimulation so that they can also buy them.

Masturbation with these anal toys is so stimulating because they are specialized for that and anal toysare so stimulating because of the vibrations. Theystimulate the walls of the prostate and anal. Some of the anal toys like anal dildos, strap-on and other anal vibrator are look same as the penis. Realistic penis shapes are good for the gay anal stimulation.Anal toys are perfect because the thickness the shape and the size are all perfect for the stimulation and not only that also they are complete all sexual desire and need of men.

Pleasurable anal toys for men?

There are many of different verities in the anal toys but some of these are specialized only for men like-

Prostate massager toy

Prostate massager is male masturbator sex toy which is design for stimulates the prostate glands and muscles of men. Prostate vibrator sex toys are generally made of plastic, rubber and silicone materials. All these materials are safe for your organs and glands. These types of dildo prostate toys come with multiple speed of vibration, so people can easily use for extra stimulation also. Sometimes they come with remotes to control the speed of vibration and also with buttons. Prostate is also an organ and it is a house of thousands of erogenous zones so that they all are stimulated by vibrations of the anal prostate toys.

Butt plug

Butt plug is also one of those anal toys which is madeand design for both men and women. So that people can use it as anal toy for female also. Butt plug anal sex toy is specially design for the both men and women accept that gay and lesbians are also can use this butt plugs. You can use butt plugs as beginner's sex anal toys. But beginners can’t use the big anal sex toys.

Anal beads

Anal beads are also made for anal stimulation and pleasure. When you are play with anal beads the stimulation depends on the capacity of men and women. Anal beads are sex toy consisting small to large size of beads attaching together in one string. This made foranal sexand stimulation basically.The anal beds are made with different kinds of skin safe and other materials such as- silicone, plastic, rubber, metal, glass and latex. You can see that it comes with a handle to insert and to pulling out the anal beads in your anus. It is very flexible and smooth in use, and it’s completely gives you satisfying feeling..

How to do prostate masturbation?

You have to prepare first for the internally massage your prostate and prostate masturbation. So first you have to empty your bladder so that you can massage without any disturbance and problem. If you going to massage your anus for some-time then you can wear non-latex glove or a condom with lubricated gel like KY-jelly anal lubricant. Next you can lean on the bed or table. So now you can ready for massage and prostate masturbation.

Next you have to insert the lubricated finger in your anus and try to lubricate anus walls so that you can easily insert the prostate massager into the prostate glands. Next you have to insert the prostate massager into the anus for stimulation. Next you can start the vibration. In the starting you can go with slow speed after that you can increase that. If you do not understand that how to do anal masturbation then you can read the manual.

Precaution while doing anal masturbation?

There are lots of things and precautions that you have to take while doing the anal masturbation.First you have to clean the anal properly so that after some-time you cannot face any infection problems. You have to use the anal douches for cleaning the anal. Next you should use non-latex gloves for lubricate your anal. Otherwise you are passing the germs in the anal unintentionally. Next if you are beginner then you have to start with slow speed.