Prostate toys. Male P-Spot Toys, anal beads, Prostate Stimulator Sex toys. Types and usage of prostate sex toys

What is prostate toys?

Prostate sex toys or massager is anal toy or male sex toy. It’s made for male masturbation only. Prostate massager stimulates the prostate glands and g-spot or p-spot of men. People can use the prostate toys for medical and sexual purpose. It used in order to reach orgasm. Prostate massager goes deeper in the anal and it is one of the most powerful anal masturbator sex toys. If we talk about doing anal masturbation from hands so it is not possible because prostate glands are situated deeper in between the penis and bladder. Your hands don’t reach those glands so there is no option to give stimulation from your hands. Prostate toys are smoothly stimulates and massage the p- spot. These massagers and the toys are definitely feels you more sensational and stimulated.

Prostate sex toys are generally made with plastic, rubber and silicone materials. All these materials are safe for your organs. These types of prostate toys are comes with vibrating system. Sometimes they come with remotes to control the speed of vibration.

How men reach to P-Spot with different type of prostate

Prostate glands are situated in deeper in between the penis and bladder so you can’t touch by your hands. You can use the prostate massagers and sex toys. Prostate toys are good option because if it is your first time then you are nerves already. Prostate toys and massagers are definitely helpful to reach the prostate glands, p-spot or g-spot of men. Prostate toys are specially design for stimulates the prostate glands because it easily reach the prostate glands. Prostate toys are comes in different types of designs. Some of these are in the shape of banded L and some of these are straight and curved in the end of the toy.

These prostate toys are directly hits the prostate glandes. The strokes of the prostate toy are right in the prostate glands. The prostate glands are started well when it aroused, so it is easy to find the prostate glandes.

How to use anal beads?

Anal beads are series of hard plastic and soft rubber balls. The balls are attached in small to big series. The balls are attaching one by one in the moulded string. This string attach with a handle so you can move the string according to you. Anal beads specially designed for anal play. Some people are don’t know that how to use anal beads so it is easy. To start the anal play you have to clean yourself properly. Clean your anal beads with the help of sex toy cleaner, antiseptic liquid and warm water.

Then the next thing is lubricant. Lubricant is very important because the anal is not self-lubricated. For anal sex you have to use the anal lubricant because anal lubricants are specially made for anal sex and it different from the vaginal lubricant. You can use the silicone based lubricant for the anal play. But don’t use it with the silicone made toy. If you want to use silicone made toy then use it with water based lubricant. Water based lubricant is safe and compatible for all sex toys.

Then you can start anal insertion with the anal beads. You can start with small size of anal beads. Beginners should buy the ascending beads which offer smaller beads and then increasing in size.The most important thing is start with slowly because near to the prostate glands there are many muscles also. So you have to be gentle with pressure. If people use the anal beads with their partner then their partner should generally but firmly remove the anal beads, this causing an incredibly intense and mind-blowing orgasm. Experienced can fully insert the anal beads into the anal.

If couple wants then they will try this with different kinds of sex positions. Such as doggy style sex position, squatting sex position, side sex position and many other which would you like to do. You are free to use any other sexual activities while doing the anal masturbation. You can do the lights dim, watch romantic porn movies before start the anal play. You can use the anal beads for some teasing foreplay techniques with some body parts.

What is prostate vibrator sex toy?

Prostate vibrator sex toy is made for male anal masturbation. Prostate vibrators are specially designed for stimulates the prostate glands and prostate muscles of men. Prostate glands are situated slightly inside the men’s anal in between the bladder and the penis so stimulations with the prostate massager and vibrator are a good option. You can use the prostate vibrator sex toy for extra stimulation because the prostate vibrator has multiple speeds of vibrations so that you can stimulate your prostate gland according to your pleasure. Prostate vibrator sex toys are very popular sex toys among the men; it also comes in different types of designs which are specially made to providing pleasure to every man.

The prostate glands itself is the organ which produces the fluids which carry the sperms. It feels very good and pleasurable when the anus and prostate glands are stimulated. Prostate massager and vibrators have been developed so you can ease to reach orgasm. Some of the prostate vibrators have come with a remote control or some of these are comes with buttons so that people can easily adjust the vibration and stimulates the prostate glands according to the pleasure and stimulation.

How prostate vibe used for intense orgasm?

Find the prostate

Most important thing for men is to find the prostate glands so that you can stimulate in a right way and right things. The prostate is located between the bladder and root of the penis. It’swrappingaround the urethra. Once you find the prostate glands then you can easily stimulates them and get pleasure.

Cleaning process

Next and important thing is cleaning. You have to clean your-self properly so that the chances of germs spreading are become less. If you don’t know that how to clean anal then you can use the anal douches. Or for clean the sex toy you can use the sex toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid.

Set the romantic mood

If you want full pleasure then you have to become fully aroused first. Because some people are not very happy with the thought of anal sex or prostate pleasure, they are scared so, for clam and relaxation you can do anything which you feel better and happy. If you want then you can play soft music, watches some romantic movies to set the mood. And if you want then you can decorate the room with flowers. All these things make you feel real and provide you better sex.

Lubricate yourself

Next most important thing for easily insertion is lubricant. We all know that lubricant make your sex more slippery because it reduces the friction. Stimulates the prostate glandes you have to apply the anal lubricant. The use of anal lube in anal sex is necessary because anal is not self-lubricated.


At the end you can start the insertion. After found the prostate properly you can insert the prostate with ease. After lubricated your-self you can start the insertion. You can start slowly if you feel strange and if you feel little discomfort then you can take your time and after that you can start the insertion process again. Once you insert the prostate vibrator then you can start the vibrations for stimulate the glands and muscles and feels stimulating and pleasurable. If you want to use other sex toys just like the prostate massagers then you can use it like anal beads, butt plug, anal toy, anal dildo, strap-on and anal vibrator. These all anal toys people can use as beginner’s sex anal toys.

Precautions while using prostate vibrator sex toy?

The first precaution to use the prostate vibrator is cleaning. Cleaning is an essential thing if you are not cleans your-self properly then the germs and bacteria’s are spread in your important organ. Next thing is you cannot use the anal prostate toys for other insertions otherwise it becomes the cause of many diseases like sexually transmitted disease and other infections because of the germs and bacteria’s. Next thing is a lubricant. You should use the anal lubricant when you are doing the anal sex.